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Publications منشورات

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Final Reports

 Project Institute pdf docx
MEGBI-APP (Predevelopment Phase) MEGBI MEGBI-APP Final Report (2016-2020) (pdf) MEGBI-APP Final Report (2016-2020) (docx)
Penicillin, Ampicillin and Aspirin production and quantification  MEGBI   MEGBI-APP annual report 2022(docx)
MEGBI Annual Report 2023 (pdf)  

MEGBI-VPP (Predevelopment Phase)

MEGBI MEGBI-VPP Final Report (2006-2015) (pdf) MEGBI-VPP Final Report (2006-2015) (docx) 



NLAP-WEDC Final Report (2012-2020) (pdf) 

NLAP-WEDC  Final Report (docx) Part 1,

NLAP-WEDC  Final Report (docx) Part 2


NLAP-IPP Comissioning at Masjid as-Salam/Tripoli Sep 2021 - May 2022 (pdf)

NLAP-IPP Comissioning at Masjid as-Salam/Tripoli Sep 2021 - May 2022 (docx)

NLAP-IPP PCS (PLC+GUI), Ver. Feb 2022 (pdf)

NLAP-IPP PCS (PLC+GUI), Ver. Feb 2022 (docx)

WEDC-Testrigs Report 2021


WEDC-Testrigs Process Control System, Ver. 2021


ICPT Annual Report 2022 (WEDC-Testrigs Report 2022)

ICPT Report 2022, Appendix


EIA for NLAP-IPP (including possible locations in North Lebanon) - Report Sep 2022 (pdf)


EIA for NLAP-IPP - presentation Istanbul Sep 2022 (.pdf)

EIA for NLAP-IPP - presentation Istanbul Sep 2022 (.pptx)

NLAP-WEDC Report 2023 (Mobile Waste Separation Plant, Mobile Biogas Separation and Gasturbine Plant)

Waste Separation Plant 1000t/day NLAP WMS for Diala/Iraq (pdf)  
2MW NLAP-IPP NLAP NLAP 2MW Incineration Power Plant (Planning, Design) (2015-2020) (pdf) NLAP 2MW Incineration Power Plant (Planning, Design) (2015-2020) (docx)
NLAP 2MW-IPP (Update 2022)  
IAP-SAT IAP IAP-SAT Final Report (2012-2020)  
TEMOLeb-Mintad ICS TEMOLeb-Mintad Final Report (1999-2020) (pdf)


Forest Fire Detection System ICS Forest Fire Detection System by Swarm of Quadcopters and AI - Project Report 1 (Oct 2020 – June 2021) (pdf) Forest Fire Detection System by Swarm of Quadcopters and AI - Project Report 1 (Oct 2020-June 2021) (docx)
Physics Simulation Lab




Physics Simulation Lab Final Report (2005-2020) (pdf) Physics SImulation Lab Final Report (2005-2020) (docx)
Public Sector Administration
 IEP IEP-NL Final Report (2018-2021) ,(pdf) IEP-NL Final Report (2018-2021) and other IEP files (docx, ppt)
  IEP IEP Report 2022 (Waste Management in North Lebanon including Assoun Biogas Project)  

تقرير تموز 2022



  1. تنظنف طرابلس
  2. إزالة جبل نفايات في طرابلس
  3. تقييم اثر بيئي لمحطة الطاقة كهربائية عن طريق معالجة حرارية للنفايات في بلدة مجدليا
  4. مواقع مناسبة لوضع محطات الطاقة كهربائية عن طريق معالجة حرارية للنفايات في محافظتي عكار وشمال لبنان

Final report waste management in Akkar and Northlebanon(.pdf)

Final report waste management in Akkar and Northlebanon (.docx)





Text books / كتب اختصاصية

(for download of CFD book please click)

General documents:

برنامج تطوير لبنان الشمالي في ميدان التكنولوجيا

Institute for Economical Policy (IEP)

IEP-MEPSA Project Report 2018

Institute for Alternative

Energy (MEAE)/NLAP

NLAP-IPP Comissioning at Masjid as-Salam/Tripoli Sep 2021 - May 2022 (docx)

NLAP-IPP Comissioning at Masjid as-Salam/Tripoli Sep 2021 - May 2022 (pdf)

NLAP-IPP PCS (PLC+GUI), Ver. Feb 2022 (pdf)

NLAP-IPP PCS (PLC+GUI), Ver. Feb 2022 (docx)

Electrofilter Measurement with Rogowski Coil (2021) (pdf)

Electrofilter Measurement with Rogowski Coil (2021) (docx)

NLAP-WEDC Status Dec 2020 (pptx)

NLAP-WEDC Final Report (2012-2020) (pdf)

NLAP-WEDC Waste-to-Electricity Cycle, Report 3 (2019)

Flue Gas Treatment - Ashes Recycling (Sep 2019)

5 kW Wind Turbine for Tripoli (Concept)


NLAP-WEDC Waste-to-Electricity Cycle, Report 2 (2018)


NLAP-WEDC IPP Demoplant in Rayhaniyye Camp - Project Plan (2018)


MEAE-WEDC Environmental Aspects: Heavy Metals Recycling (2018)


MEAE-WEDC Waste to Electricity Demonstration Cycle, Report 1 (2017)


NLAP-1.5 MW Incineration Power Plant Technical Specification




 Banan ElKerdi, TEMO-IPP Stress Analysis, Master Thesis, 2015

 Fatima Hamed, TEMO-IPP CFD Analysis, Master Thesis 2015


TEMO-STPP/IPP 5th report (final report) (Jan - Nov 2014) (see also film link on http://www.aecenar.com/institute-projects/temo-ipp)


Ahmad Jarbou, Electrical Energy Gereration from Wave Energy and Sustainibility for Syria, 2013


Mourad S., Zohby, M., TEMO-STPP: 4th project report (Jan -Dec 2013),  Part I, Part II (Process Control System)


Mourad S., TEMO-STPP: 3rd project report (April 2010 – Dez 2012), التقرير الثالث لمشروع 


Presentation of TEMO-STPP Project at KIT Summer School at Bad Herrenalb, Germany (2010)


TEMO-STPP (المدة من نيسان 2010 الى كانون الاول 2012), (engl./عربي), Ras Nhache, November 2012


TEMO-STPP, 2nd project report (April 2010)


Gourche et. al., Siemens S7-300 مدخل الى , Karlsruhe/Ras Nhache, July 2010


Association for Alternative Energy Research (VaEf)

Mourad S., Toumi S., Arslan E., Topcu S., Elmsaadi S., Mhanna M., Baalbaki Z., Lutz S., Eljammal W., Weiss P., Nagel F., Solar thermal power plants (STPPs), 


Construction of a Small Model for a STPP and Development of a STPP-test plant - TEMO-STPP: 1st project report (November 2006 – July 2008), Karlsruhe, August 2008


Mourad S., Schade W., Akdag K., Hatipoglu A., Cilo M., Keles D., Ates S., Hameed M. R., Fleig A., System Dynamics Modeling and Simulation of the Energy Economy of Indonesia, Karlsruhe, 2001

Institute for Chemical Process Technology (ICPT)

ICPT-WEDC Test Rigs PCS (docx)

ICPT-WEDC Testrigs Report 2021 (Concept and mech. Realization) (docx)

ICPT-WEDC Testrigs Report 2021 (Concept and mech. Realization) (pdf)

ICPT-WEDC Test Rigs PCS (docx)

 Genetics and Biotechnology Institute (MEGBI)

MEGBI Annual Report 2023 (pdf)

MEGBI-APP annual report 2022(docx)

Master Thesis penicillin production and quantification(pdf)Sep.2022

Master thesis penicillin production and quantification(pptx)

Master Thesis Ampicillin production and quantification(pdf) Sep.2022

Master thesis ampicillin production and quantification(pptx)

MEGBI-APP Report 2021 (docx)

MEGBI-VPP Final Report (2006-2015)

MEGBI-APP Final Report (2016-2020) (Predevelopment)

MEGBI-APP Automation System, Ver. 2020, Developers&Operation Manual

MEGBI-APP - 7th Project Report (2019)

MEGBI-APP - 6th Project Report (2018) 

MEGBI Antibiotics/Antibodies Production Pilot Plant (MEGBI-APP)- 5th Project Report (2017)


MEGBI Antibiotitics Pilot Plant (MEGBI-APP), Report 4 (2016)


MEGBI Vaccine Pilot Plant, 3rd project report (Jan 2014 - Sep 2015)


MEGBI Vaccine Pilot Plant, 2nd project report (Mar - Dec 2013), Part I Part II


التقرير الاول لمشروع MEGBI vaccine pilot plant، شباط 2012 الى كانون الثاني 2013


Houda A., Bakoben S., Introduction to Molecular Modeling (مدخل الى النمذجة الجزيئية), Ras Nhache, June 2011(engl./عربي)


Abdulwahab N., Mourad S., Borghol S., Laboratory verifiying of the peptid candidate FLKDVMESM by ELISA and IFN-γ ELISPOT analysis (Step 2 in MEGBI H5N1 peptid vaccine research project), Ras Nhache, June 2011 (engl./عربي)


Mourad S., Al-Haj R., Abdulwahab N., El-Eter G., Al-Chbib L., Khidr M., Zaki O., Training Courses in Genetic Engineering (MEGBI Training Course I (Molecular Cloning), MEGBI Training Course II (H1N1 Diagnosis with Nested PCR, MEGBI Training Course III-IV (Cell and Egg Based Viral Propagation)), Ras Nhache, May 2010 (Translation to arab. language: Abdulwahab N.)


Radhan N., Gaaya B., A Nutrition Data Base for Economical Policy Planning, Ras Nhache/Karlsruhe, 2009 


Institute for Genetic Engineering, Ecology and Health (IGEEH)


Mourad S., Gafsi H., Development of a synthetic peptid vaccin against H5N1 based on MHC-I epitopes (translated from German by V.Fleisch), Karlsruhe, 2006


Mourad S., Gafsi H., Entwicklung eines synthetischen Peptid-Vaccins gegen H5N1 basierend auf MHC-I-Epitopen, Karlsruhe, 2006


Gafsi H., Design of a synthetic peptid vaccin against H5N1 based on MHC-I epitopes, Karlsruhe, 2006


Mourad S., Kohlbacher O., Protein Sidechain Placing (SCP) in Homology Modeling via Lagrangian Relaxation, Part I (without Test Results), Karlsruhe/Tübingen, 2005


Mourad S.,Optimization of a Glucose-I-Phosphotase from Pantoea agglomerans and of a phytase from Klebsiella terrigena (1st VGOEG research report (Aug. 2002 - Dec. 2004)), Karlsruhe 2005


Mourad S., Greiner R., Purification and Characterization of a Glucose-I-Phosphatase from Pantoea agglomerans, Karlsruhe 2004 

Institute for Astrophysics (IAP) /Institute for Communication Systems (ICS)/Physics Lab

IAP Report 2022 (docx)
IAP Report 2022 (PDF)

IAP-annual report 2022(docx)

PhysicsLab Test Rigs PCS (Dec2021) (docx)

AS-COMSAT-1 TechnicalDevelopmentDocumentation - Report 2021 (docx)

AS-COMSAT-1 TechnicalDevelopmentDocumentation - Report 2021 (pdf)

X-Ray Detector - Presentation Master Thesis of Yahya Abbouchi (pptx), Dec 2021

TEMOLeb-Mintad Final Report (1999-2020)

IAP-SAT Final Report (2012-2020)

IAP Ground Based Observatory, Report 2013-2019 (pdf)


TEMO-Leb Airship Report 2017




Mourad/Hasbini, IAP-SAT 4th project report (2016)


Mourad, Al Chaar, Ghanem; IAP-SAT 3rd project report (2015), 1st Version, Ras Nhache, Oct 2015

Fatima Al Chaar, Simulation of the meteorological satellite IAP-SAT, Master Thesis, 2015


Mourad, IAP-SAT 2nd project report (2014)


Kassar S., Prototype for a base station for supernova remnant HI line radio wave detector an analyzer (SRWDA), Heidelberg/Ras Nhache, 2014


Zohby, Mourad; Emergency Communication System for IAP-SAT, Ras Nhache, Jan 2014


former project of Association for Alternative Energy Research (VaEf):


Mourad S.(Ed.): Mourad S., Forstmann S., Subhan M., E.J., Farkh R., Abdelhaq N., Faquir M., Mikou M.Y., Ammar A., Flight Control System for an Wind Data Measuring Airship (Project Report for 2000 - 2006), Karlsruhe, 2006  

Intitute for Nanotechnology (INT) / Physics Simulation Lab

Physics Simulation Lab Final Report (2005-2020)(pdf)


Flue Gas Detection Laser System (pdf), 2020


Presentations of Master Theses:

Publications of Master Theses of Lebanese University and other Universities:

Hanin Khabbaz, Master Thesis "Simulation de l'interaction rayonnement-matiere", Lebanese University, 2019


Hanin Khabbaz, Master Thesis M2, "Photoemission XPS/ARPES of materials a electronic properties", 2018