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Mobile Waste Separation Plant



Waste treatment Article - waste management project in Ras Maska Nov23 [docx file]

Waste separation plant POSTER (pptx)

Waste separation plant POSTER (pdf)

08.10.2023 Waste separation plant process Video 📽





CAD File (Solidworks/FreeCAD/...) (in STEP format) (Version 18.07.2023)

Realization (02.08.23)


Waste Sorting Project - Gantt chart



in this section we make the height of the conveyor 95cm tall and we put borders for the conveyor and the Waste cutting table 





 the model has been modified depending on the present work done 




Costs of the waste separation process monthly 


excel-sheet of the prices on 1034_12092023


The roof top of the container has been changed on 19/09/2023


  • First the old roof top of the container removed 

  • The connecting rod of the roof top was removed and replaced by 4 rods to make it more durable and stable

  • A new T.O.T sheets were added to the roof top