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Roads repairs cost in North LEBANON

As part of our maintenance management, we have now tried to define individual standard rehabilitation measures in order to bring the respective sections back into a class I condition.

These are as follows:

Type II - I Top layer measures from condition II to I (costs ~ € 30,000.00 / km - € 80,000.00 / km) Type III - I

Surface and base course renewal from condition III to I (costs ~ € 140,000.00 / km - € 260,000.00 / km)

Type IV – I

General renewal upgraded from Tier IV to I
(Cost ~ €310,000.00/km – €365,000.00/km)

Type V – I

New construction creates the condition from V to I in the long term
(Cost ~ €520,000.00/km – €720,000.00/km)