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Metallurgical test 3_ 11022023

- Test 003: 11022023_ iron melting


Step Description

Expected Result



System is Off



 Switch on the system

 Turn on the heating switch

 System is On


Heating of the melting pot

 Heating should be in three stages:

- Low heat for three minutes (500 °C),

- Double heat for 5 minutes (1000°C),

- Melting heat for 2 minutes (1600° C)

Melting pot is ready


Put the iron pieces

 The heat must be reduced before putting the pieces and reheated after putting the pieces

 The iron is melting


 Switch off the system

 Turn off the heating switch

System is off  



System is Off




Operation steps:

Sand operation steps:

  1. Sand purification
  2. Put the sand in an iron pot
  3. Pour a little water on the sand (helps create the sand shape)
  4. Create the sand shape
  5. Heating the sand in three stages to dry it and conserving shape


Iron preparation steps:

  1. Cutting iron (30*60)
  2. The weight of the iron
  3. Heating iron (low degree)

Iron melting operation steps

  1. Starting: 1: 32 pm
  2. Heating stage 1: 1600 wat for 3 min