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Ashes Recycling PCS Implementation

 1-Process control system for the Ashes Recycling 

 2-Control Panel


3-Control Panel-Wiring Diagram

Control Panel Wiring Diagram

4-Terminal Block Of Panel


6- Material specifications

 a-Proportional 2 way valve A20-M25-B2-C and Proportional 3 way valve A20-M25-B3-C (24VDC; input 0 to 10v)



b-Motorize Valve A20-T25-B2-C (24VDC; CR301)



c- Delta PLC DVP20SX211R


d-Delta Module DVP04DA-S


e- Water Flow Sensor USS-HS43TB (2-45L/M G3/4")


7-Graphical user interface


PLC code 

Graphical User Interface code (C#)

PLC Modbus Addresses


8- Operating steps

  1. In the mixture put 338 Kg of Ashes with 1690 L 0f acid of 15.8 mol/l of concentration
  2. Turn on the mixer (M1)
  3. Open the Valve 2 and ON the pump (P2) to reach the column to the level (a) of ash mixed with nitric acid
  4. When thelevel of liquid in the column reaches the top left nozzle (a), Turn Off the Pump (P2) and Close the Valve 2.
  5. Turn on the mixer (M2)
  6. Open the Valve 1 and Turn on the pump (P1) to put the solvent (LIX : LIX® 984N )
  7. When the level of liquid reahes the top lef nozzle (b), Turn Off the Pump and Close the Valve 1.