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Job opportunities & Student projects مشاريع طلابية و فرص عمل

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Actual job opportunities

The AECENAR strategy is to employ former students which have done their student projects at AECENAR

Actual student research project and practical training opportunities (last update: 25 Jan 2024)

Topics for Trainee/Bachelor Thesis/Master Thesis at AECENAR Technology Center

Tasks for Energetic Physics and Mechanical Engineering 2024

Task     Commercialization
Deveploment of C++ based Simulation Software for Heat Transfer-CFD Combination Modeling in Energy Generating Systems like Waste Incineration to Energy Systems   ICP Electricity Production
Mass Spectrometer for Detection of Heavy Metals in Municipal Waste Incineration Flue Gas OZ IAP Environmental Assessment for Municipal Waste Incineration

Characterization, modeling, and development of an innovative fuel cell (Task)

See also:

Multi-Stage Water Electrolysis/Fuel Cell System Prototype

Fuel Cell Mechanical Design (aecenar.com)


Student of Dr M.Dabbousi ICPT/NLAP Longterm Storage for Photovoltaic Cells (as alternative to batteries)
Liquefication of Oxygene Prototype N.N. NLAP LOX for hospitals (as second product from water electrolysis)

Ammonia based hydrogen storage for a Water Electrolysis/Fuel Cell system

La production d'hydrogène par électrolyse de l’eau et le stockage sous forme d'ammoniac/système Pile à combustible

Student of Dr A. El Moll   Longterm Storage for Photovoltaic Cells (as alternative to batteries)
Recycling of Photovoltaic Batteries N.N. NLAP-WEDC Ashes Recycling Teststand Recycling of used PV batteries

Design and Testing of a Gas Turbine for with Methan/Air Combustion and where Methan is from Municpal Biowaste

Conception et test d'une turbine à gaz pour la combustion de méthane/air et où le méthane provient des biodéchets municipaux

    Electricity Generation from Municipal Waste Gas / Biogas 
Heat Transfer in Regenerative Cooling of a Gas Turbine for Methan from Municipal Biowaste  N.N.  NLAP / ACS Teststand Electricity Generation from Municipal Waste Gas / Biogas 
Regenerative Cooling      


Tasks for M2 Fundamental Physics 2024 (pdf)

Topics for "M2 Physique fundamentale" 2023:

1. Medical Imaging (radiographic testing methods) testrig: X-Ray/Gamma-Ray/NI based visualization; Working Packages: Detectors Development - GUI Development - Testing

2. Simulation of Particle Flow in a Mass Spectrometer for Flue Gas Detection (Transport Code); Working Packages: Adding Modul concerning Municipal Waste Incinerator Flue Gas Measuring Device with Mass Spectrometry to OpenMC (The OpenMC Monte Carlo Code — OpenMC Documentation)

3. ICF simulation: GitHub - fusion-energy/inertial_fusion_openmc_dagmc_paramak_example: A minimal example implementation of an open source method of making DAGMC geometry with Paramak and simulating tritium production with OpenMC

Topics for Master Theses in Energetics Physics 2023


Topics for Master Theses 2022


Topics for Master Theses 2018


Keywords, additional information

Preferred Faculty/

Student Profile


Market Analysis for Incineration Power Plants in Middle East

Marketing, Middle East Countries, Laws   Business, Marketing  NLAP
Gas turbine based system for a waste power plant on mobile platform



Energetics, Mechanical Engineering NLAP-WEDC

Topics for PhD Thesis at TECDA Research Center



Preferred Faculty/

Student Profile


 PhD Thesis: Measurement of interaction of IAP-SAT PPT with a laboratory Van Allen belt environment




 PhD Thesis: CFD Simulation of interaction of IAP-SAT PPT with Van Allen magnetic field






Trainee programs 2018


Keywords/Detailed Description

Preferred Faculty/

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Assesment of electrical power sources in the Middle East Region       

   Energetics  MEAE-ME_Energy

Automation for Waste Input for TEMO-IPP Incineration power plant

 Integration of photovoltaics power supply and other parts of satellite bus satellite system to On-Board-System of Meteorological satelitte IAP-SAT    Energetics   IAP-SAT
 Study (including vibration) and Planning of bringing a meteorological satellite into orbit    Mechanical Engineering (trainee)   IAP-SAT
Development and implementation of a imaging&communication system for meteorological data transfer     Electronics (trainee)   IAP-SAT

 Planning and Detailed Design of buildings for 40MW NLAP Power Plant 

   Civil Engineering (trainee)   AECENAR Administration, NLAP


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