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Requirements of LINAC


System requirements :

  • The LINAC shall be able to give electrons and accelerate them . 
  • The Tube of the LINAC shall allow the observation of the electron path .


Mechanical requirements :

  • The cathode shall be able to withstand the thermal and electrical Stress.  
  • The cathode shall be made of tungsten.
  • The anode shall be made of copper.
  • The tube  shall be made of Glass.
  • The vacuum pump used to create a vacuum in the glass tube.



Electrical requirements :

  • the power supply shall be able to supply  the tungsten with 6V . 
  • the Tungsten shall be able to give up electrons . 
  • the power supply shall be able to supply a 60 kv Voltage. 


Safety requirements:

Electrical safety

  • An isolation must be placed around the anode, so that it does not remain exposed and dangerous.
  • All the electric connection shall be coated by the right isolated according to the current and the voltage passing through the connections.
  • The cables and connections of 6V shall be isolated with...
  • The cables and connections of 60 Kv shall be isolated with...

Radiational safety.

  • For protection against X-Rays, a metal box with a lead plate inside shall be placed at the point of X-Rays emission.


Chemical safety

  • Lead shall be completely enclosed to ensure that no toxic gases are emitted from it.