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Water and Waste Water

The water and waste water management in North Lebanon shall be investigated and given plans for improvement

- clean water supply network

- sewage water network


a. examples from other countries

b. documentation of actual situation (System Dynamics)

c. plans for improvement


water management.report.docx.                .report.as.pdf.   

water managment.presentention.pdf.         presentation.as.pptx.


water management.poster(pdf)



Wastewater_Report.docx          report as.pdf.

Wastewater_Presentatin.pptx    presentation as.pdf.

 Wastewater_Poster.pptx     poster as.pdf


Network Of Wastewater_Poster.pdf          poster_as.pptx.


Network Of Wastewater_PPT.pdf              ppt_as.pptx

Network Of Wastewater_Report.pdf         report_as.docx