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Aspirin pilot plant Mechanical Realisation

Stand installation :  (18/01/2023-07/04/2023)



Wheel stand installation :(19/01/2023)




Autoclave place editing :(20/01/2023)



Bath for tank 2 (cooler) + tank 3 (crystallizer) and testing :(22/01/2023)-(04/07/2023)



Crystallizer and Filter equipements:(07/03/2023)


Cover for vacuum filter :(09/03/2023)


crystallizer tank and the filter tank :(09/03/2023)


Sieve and the filter con :(13/03/2023)


Vacuum filter realisation :(17/03/2023)


Crystallizer realisation :(21/03/2023-07/04/2023)


Tank 1 (The Heater) realisation:(07/04/2023)

Tank 6 (Waste Tank) realisation:(07/04/2023)


Pipes stainless steel realisation:(02/05/2023)



Sensors stainless steel instalation:(02/05/2023)


Reactor for aspirin:(20/10/2023)




Pilot plant mechnical realization last form: (11-13-2023)