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Electrolyser Test 14.11.2022

15/12/2022 System test

Leakage places:











Also, we couldn't see air bubbles in the oxyegn water reciever, but we saw them a little in the hydrogen water reciever.


After changing the 4 tanks, we made Nitrogen purguing to test the new ones. The results were also negative and the new ones didn't work well. we have leakages.

Electrolyser Test 14 December 2022


No leakages observed

Greater flame

Both H2 and O2 gases water tanks showed air bubbles (for the first time)

Hydrogen took little time to appear, maybe because it's the time needed for the nitrogen gas to leave the system.

We noticed that the tanks 3 & 4 showed different levels of water after the test. The oxygen tank showed lower water level than the Hydrogen tank.

 Video 1 for the test

Video 2

Video 3