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vacuum test 03-05-23

00001: Ensure complete emptying of air

Step Step description Expected result Result
precondition system is off    
Switch On the system turn on the pump 95% vacuum negative
Having a leak Possibility of air leakage in places: welding-flanges-anode-cathode-tungsten-windows. Seal the leakage places positive
Switch Off the system turn Off the pump the pump stops pulling out the air positive
Silicon use Put silicon in places where air leaks Stop leakage and get 95% vacuum when we restart the pump. positive
Postcondition System is off    


Analysis of the test results:

In order to know the places of air leakage, we put water and soap on the surface of the device, and we compressed the air in the device; 

When we find bubbles appearing, this indicates air leakage in this place.





What we have to do:

- we will re-weld in the previous welding places where there was leakage.

-we will change the seal at the flanges due to leakage.