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AS-COMSAT_1 (LEO Satellite Based Communication System) + CNA Testbed

AS-COMSAT_1 TT&C and Gateway Testbed

AS-COMSAT_1 TT&C Testbed (pptx)

Türkiye Ground Station - TT& and CNA GUI

Türkiye Ground Station - TT&C Transceiver and CNA Transceiver

Lebanon Ground Station (TT&C)

ECS CNA Trip 24 Testbed

ECS_CNA_Trip_24 Testbed Poster (pptx)


TT&C and CNA Combined Testbed


Testbed Poster (pptx)

LEO to GEO Orbit Change Testrig

AS-COMSAT_1_LEO ACS&OrbitChange Teststand Poster (pptx)

for details see AS-COMSAT_1 Attitude Control System (ACS) Teststand (aecenar.com)