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00001: Ensure complete emptying of air

Step Step description Expected result Result
precondition system is off    
Switch On the system turn on the pump 95% vacuum negative
Having a leak leakage in places: welding-flanges. Seal the leakage places positive
Switch Off the system turn Off the pump the pump stops pulling out the air positive
Silicon use Put silicon in places where air leaks Stop leakage and get 95% vacuum when we restart the pump. positive
Postcondition System is off    


Analysis of the test results:

at first, we cleaned the stainless tube with special and precise tools;

after cleaning, we noticed a small hole due to a welding error.





In order to find out if there is still air leakage, we will re-test the application of soapy water on the surface of the device and the air pressure in the device.

When we find bubbles that appear, this indicates an air leak in this place.



 these  flanges had a leak:




what we have to do 

we will add silicone around the flanges