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Test whether the membrane is ruptured 29.07.2022

Testing according the test 00007: Test whether the membrane is ruptured  

if there are air bubbles from the hydrogene half cells set the membrane have to be changed . 


Step Description

Expected Result



System is off


Emptying the cells  Placing a container under the two emptying valves and open the two emptying valves so that the containers are filled with te solution of the cells . The solution flows into the containers. not done 
Closing of the emptying valves.  closing the emptying valves after the whole sotution flowed from the cells into the containers . the emptying valves are closed  not done 

let the air enter to the half-cell set of oxygen. 

connect the air compressor to one set of the half cell sets and tur on the compressor. 

air bubbles are seen only in the one set on which the air bubbles is connected 

not done 

Stop the air 

turn off the compressor 

the compressor is off 

not done 



System  off the systeme

 systeme is off


Before we could start with the actual test, we first had to purge the electrolyser with nitrogen. 


When we did this, water flowed out of one or more cells.  

And the level of the water in the filters and in the containers for the level controllers has changed. 

as one can see in the figures below :


fig 1 : water sprays out of the cells 



fig 2 : the level change in the filters 





fig 3 : the level changes in the level controlling containers 


Test Analysis :

test analysis to be discussed further but we think that the membrane is ruppted and the pressure of the cells on each other has become weaker .


what we have to do :

open the cells and change the membranes and refix the cells