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LOx Requirements

System requirement

- The lox system shall be able to liquefy oxygen.

Physical requirements 

- The pipes shall be able to withstand the temperatures and pressures that exist at the points.

- Temperature that shall be withstood: 
- Pressure that shall be withstood:

The different temperatures and pressures are listed in the figures below:


Table -1-

- The heat exchanger shall be able to decrease the temperature of the oxygen in order to become close to liquefaction temperature at the pressure present.

The temperature that must be reached: -120°C (154 K) @50bar.

- The cooler (Kelvinator refrigerator) shall be able to supply a temperature that is low enough.

The temperature that shall be reached: -80°C (193K).

- The separator shall be sufficient in volume to allow the gas expansion.

- The separator shall be able to separate the oxygen gas from the liquid oxygen.

- The heater shall be able to warm the cryogenic gas, so that their temperature is suitable for entering the compressor.

Chemical requirements 

- The compressor shall be free of oil (oil-free) to avoid its reaction with oxygen.

Mechanical requirements 

- The material of the pipes shall be made a Copper (the ideal shall be made a stainless steel)

- The dimensions of the pipes that shall be: 

      Diameters are listed in the figure below: